Beer Festival App

Vendor Portal

Event organizers will save tons of time by allowing vendors to easily manage their own profile and real-time beer list from any device.

Showcase Vendors

Here’s where the fun begins. Attendees can see all the vendors at your event, which allows them to track all their stops and decide where they want to head next. This main page can be sorted by vendor name or booth numbers and users can see stats on how many vendors and beers they experienced within the overall event.

Real-Time Beer List

Attendees can now find, track, rate and remember all the beers they enjoyed at your event! After selecting a vendor, people can rate the beers they try, with options to add tasting notes and check-in their favorites directly into Untappd. All beers that an attendee rates can then be viewed in a full list, which beer lovers will appreciate long after the event.

Sponsor Spotlight

Ready to literally create a new revenue channel with your beer festival app? This dynamic feature allows event organizers to showcase sponsors who understand the value of being in front of thirsty attendees before, during, and after the brewfest.

Best of Fest Award

This optional add-on creates an intoxicating environment that awards fan favorites with our exclusive tap handle trophy. Click below to see how much fun we have with this!

Event Highlights

Experienced organizers know the party isn’t over until you showcase post-event details. Using data-driven analytics generated by attendees, our platform allows you to wrap things up in style while create valuable engagement long after your event.

Easy Setup

We help you get setup, then you control everything. This allows you to make last minute changes to the vendor list and any beer being served. This platform also gives you the power to setup social media campaigns and access real-time analytics before, during and after your event.


A conversation is the best way to collaborate.

We have two primary approaches that make this platform accessible for any event organizer. One pricing model is based on your vendor count, while another is built for ongoing events.



1.Do attendees have to download an app?

No. Our web app gives attendees instant access. Users are invited to setup a profile to access more personalized features, but we built this to work on any smartphone with no downloading required!

2.How many vendors can I have?

Unlimited vendors can be managed and showcased to your attendees. If you’re able to provide a spreadsheet with vendor names and booth numbers, we can bulk upload them to make initial setup a breeze.

3.How do I update beers from each vendor?

With our slick connection to Untappd, we can bulk upload your beer list and include all the details about each beer. Once the list is in place, you can make changes anytime.

4.What kind of data is generated?

Along with attendee data, you’re able to see all the beer ratings submitted throughout the event. This unlocks a slick way to award vendors who have the highest rated beers, social media shares and more!

5.Can I customize the design?

Absolutely. We’ll make your app feel all your own by using your logo and a branded QR code paired with your own shortened URL. Your vendors will also appreciate how we showcase their logos and even their beer logos that pull directly from Untappd.

6.Do you offer event sponsorships?

Yes. Your event creates a cool opportunity for us to connect with vendors who may also want to serve smart beer flights in their restaurant, brewpub or bar. Contact us to talk through how we can reduce your upfront investment by partnering together.