Online Dashboard

Everything starts here. With access to our slick online dashboard, you’re able to control the entire platform from anywhere. Fueled by Untappd, one-click menu management takes seconds, with other features like preset flights, social media settings and real-time analytics. A quick bookmark to our friendly backend keeps ongoing management a no-brainer.

Impact Decisions

The fundamental value proposition people want is the ability to impact a consumer in the key moments when they’re making a buying decision. Whether it’s presenting quick information for beer lovers to feel more confident in their order or strategically pairing preset flights for first time visitors who just wants something solid, our mobile smart flight platform allows customers to setup their own beer flight and in doing so, we can help you strategically influence decisions.

Consumer Engagement

This is fun. OF course some folks won’t want digital interference, but most people really like their phone and if a consumer decides to grab their phone, you can set yourself apart from the moment they realize how easy, fun and helpful the smart flight experience can be. They get to know which beer is which, but can take it further by tracking their favorites and sharing their fun with friends throughout social media.

Social Virality

FliteBrite allows you to unlock the beautiful virality of people sharing all their fun experiences at your establishment. With smart beer flights, customers can now share the beer flight they love, who they’re with and where they’re at on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In your online dashboard, you’re able to monitor activity throughout the social media landscape and even create custom posts for patrons to share!

Friendly Support

We stand behind our product and want you to profit from serving smart flights. Whether it’s help with setup, a quick question, product feedback or ideas to collaborate even more, we welcome ongoing collaboration with customers worldwide.


No POS Integration


  • Online Dashboard
  • Beer Menu Setup
  • Branded Graphics
  • No POS Integration

POS Integration


  • Online Dashboard
  • Beer Menu Setup
  • Branded Graphics
  • POS Integration



1.Is this easy to setup?

Concerned about initial setup? Don’t be. We can literally help you setup your entire beer tap line today!

2.Does this work on iPhone and Android?

Yes. We purposefully built this as a responsive web app that requires nothing to download and can be accessed from any smartphone.

3.Will this change the way I serve beer flights?

It doesn’t have to. We’ve learned many folks put heart into how they serve beer flights, so we built this platform to work seamlessly with however you currently serve samplers. That said, this is a chance to shake things up, so even if it’s purely promotional, using our platform to increase sales is why we built this.

4.Does this connect to my Point of Sale ("POS") system?

POS integration is complicated, but we’ve cracked the code and although it requires a small monthly fee, we’re able to connect with a wide variety of POS platforms. Although it may require a small setup fee, we’re currently able to provide direct connectivity with Aloha, Micros, Squirrel, Maitre’D and ten more popular POS platforms.

5.How much time is required from my staff?

Updating your active beer menu is really the only required time commitment. This is slick with our connection to Untappd, so at most, you may spend an 10 minutes in the online dashboard anytime you change what craft beer is available.

6.What if I have multiple locations?

This platform can be a game changer for larger organization with multiple locations. The online dashboard allows you to easily manage different menus at multiple locations. You can maintain brand consistency while still providing freedom for each location to maximize their customer’s experience.

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