Electronic Beer Flight Paddles

Menu Management

Fueled by Untappd, one-click menu management takes only seconds. You can literally setup your entire tapline in less than 10 minutes! Simply find the beers you serve on Untappd to automatically add them directly into each paddle’s touchscreen menu. Once this is done from any smartphone, tablet or computer, the new menu addition can immediately be selected on any of your connected paddles.

Durable Design

We want your flights to look awesome, but also stand up to the insanity behind most bars! Our smart flight paddles have been designed to be beautifully ergonomic, lightweight and durable. The liquid resistant touchscreen has a long-lasting battery and is embedded into our drop-proof plastic paddles, while the actual size of our smart paddles have been optimized to save you space on tables and behind the bar.

Social Virality

FliteBrite allows you to unlock the beautiful virality of people sharing all their fun experiences at your establishment. With smart beer flights, customers can now share the beer flight they love, who they’re with and where they’re at on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In your online dashboard, you’re able to monitor activity throughout the social media landscape and even create custom posts for patrons to share!

Online Dashboard

Accessible from anywhere, your online dashboard is the place to access valuable information and slick tools to manage your smart flight paddles. Whether it’s quickly managing your menu, creating preset flights, accessing data on actual flights served, creating customized social media settings, or tracking your customer engagement, you’ll enjoy a new level of insight on the flights you serve each day.

Data Analytics

Big Data is something we take seriously and understand the impact it can have on your bottom line. By intelligently tracking each paddle, we can understand activity trends and provide more information from your customer’s beer flights experience than ever before. With a larger fleet of paddles, industry analytics are available to keep you in tune with the craft beer community around you and around the world.

Custom Branding

Beer flight paddles are often an artistic expression of the place where beer flights are served. Along with customizing the digital experience to fit your brand, your smart beer paddles will also be kissed by customization. Be sure to ask us how we can make your flight paddles stand out!

Friendly Support

We stand behind our product and want you to love your smart flight paddles. Yes, these are more advanced than anything you’ve ever served flights with, but our team has worked endlessly to private an optimized user experience and our commitment to our product never ends. Whether it’s help with setup, a quick question or ideas to collaborate even more, we welcome questions and feedback anytime.


1.How much does it cost?

It’s a lease model, at $25 per paddle, per month. Bulk pricing is available for establishments who have multiple locations or need more than 30 paddles. Please contact us for details.

2.What is the lease duration?

The standard lease duration is one year. We chose one year because although you’ll have these running at full speed the first week you have them, we want you to fully integrate them into your operation and we’re able to offer our best pricing when we have deeper customer commitment.

3.How many paddles do I need?

If you’re just starting to serve beer flights, 10 paddles is a good place to start and the best way to affordably serve the brightest flights in town. If you already serve beer flights, we can start with 10 paddles, then expand your collection as demand increases. Most breweries and restaurants end up with around 20 smart beer paddles.

4.Can I custom brand the paddles?

Yes! Along with showcasing your establishment within the touchscreen experience, we’ve created a special spot in the center of the beers. With these fun icon stickers, we’ll place a waterproof sticker that features your custom logo on every paddle for free.

5.Can I use my existing flight glasses?

FliteBrite took customer discovery seriously. One key design feature we built into our smart flight paddles, was the ability to make them work with as many flight glass styles as possible.

6.Can I purchase flight glasses from FliteBrite?

Yes! Whether it’s new glassware or replacing your old glasses, we so have preferred flight glasses that fit our paddle perfectly and have partnered with a awesome glassware provider to make this easy. Even with custom decorating, we can outfit your establishment with an entire collection of beer flight glasses at discounted rate.

7.Are the paddles spill proof?

The paddles are liquid resistant. We built them to thrive even with careless customers and the insanity behind a bar, but there are electronics inside, so be smart. For optimal performance, we suggest storing them in a cool, dry location and rinsing them with a wet cloth to keep them sanitary. To be safe, please avoid submerging the paddles.

8.How long does a paddle's battery last?

We’ve worked hard to optimize the battery life in our smart paddles. Depending on how a paddle is used, generally a full charge will last around 2 days, but we suggest charging your entire collection of flight paddles each night for optimum performance.

9.What if a paddle malfunctions?

We stand behind our work and guarantee each paddle. This guarantee ensures immediate replacement for any paddle returned. Please note that a paddle must be returned for a replacement paddle to be delivered.

10.Do the paddles connect to my POS system?

The smart paddles do not currently connect to your POS system, but we are working on catered solutions that may unlock this premium feature soon.

11.Can I order any amount of paddles?

Yes, but we’ve found 10, 20 or 30 paddles is the most common amount of paddles for almost any establishment.

12.Are paddles available in wood?

Not at this time. The matte black smart paddles look absolutely amazing and with our advanced manufacturing process, we’re able to achieve the precise paddle design required to safely assemble all the electronics inside the paddle. We know a wood version is something to consider in the future, but in the meantime, we know you’ll really dig the way these look on any surface.

13.Why only four flight glasses in each paddle?

Our beer flight paddles are made to ergonomically fit four tasters. This is the most popular beer count for a fun sampler and the 2×2 layout works intuitively with the touchscreen design. Through data-driven research, we’ve also learned that a flight of four optimized the customer experience, keeps the cost down and boosts your bottom line.

14.How many beers do I need to serve flights?

Fewer than you think. Assuming you offer a small variety, beer flights can be a profitable way to engage customers with as few as 6-8 beers on tap. The average beer flight-serving establishment offers around 10 or more beers on tap.

15.Can I generate revenue with #SmartFlights?

When you consider the dynamic and connected nature of our color touchscreen and the engaging mobile experience that fuels the platform, feeding relevant ads to customers is possible, but not fully fleshed out at this time. Let us know if you have ideas of specific ways you’d like to see this element weaved into the mix. We love customer feedback!

16.Can I use these in multiple locations?

The perfect storm is when a larger organization with multiple locations taps into the power of FliteBrite! With paddles all connected to the Internet, you can update each paddle to be aligned with it’s specific location. The online dashboard allows you to easily manage each of the paddles at multiple locations.

17.Can I buy the paddles?

We do have a purchase option available, but our lease program was built to provide the best experience for most establishments. Without upfront costs, our friendly lease allows us to support the software that fuels the platform, tap you into ongoing feature updates and allows us to provide our product warranty.

18.Can I sample a paddle?

Absolutely! We’d love to send you a free paddle to try. Our one month trial application is now open. First come, first serve, so if you run a brewery, restaurant or bar, jump on this today – FliteBrite.com/trial


Staff and customers love smart flights. FliteBrite is a kick ass product.

RJ Tursi, Owner - Exile Brewing Co.

With 88 beers, we put smart flights to the test. With hands-on support from the FliteBrite team, we achieved flawless implementation and their ongoing support allows us to serve an amazing beer flight experience.

Antoni “TK” Konecne, General Manager - Fong's Pizza

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