Let’s begin by noting there is no absolute correct way to enjoy a beer flight, haha! With that disclaimer outta the way, let’s look at a few fun ways to mix things up.

Pairing Craft Beer Flights


One of the most iconic ways to enjoy a beer flight is by pairing beers in a way that has their colors going from light to dark. Similar to wine flights, this can be a good way to start with a nice light taste and work towards something a bit more complex. If flights are served in the taproom or restaurant, ask your friendly bartender to whip up a beer flight based on color to enjoy a great overall variety of craft beer.

Beer Style

Perhaps it’s a flight of only light, fresh beers on a hot summer day? Maybe it’s a collection of brown and amber ales for the Fall or even dark stouts and porters when the snow flies. Creating a beer flight made up of only your favorite style or type of beer can be a great time and fun to share with friends. You may also consider trying a beer flight of the most hoppy brews on tap. If this is something you wanna try, look for high IBU levels of somewhere around 40+ IBUs and enjoy the different scents of fresh hops.


We have craft beers for any occasion. Mixing up some seasonal beers into a flight creates a fun way to celebrate the season with family and friends. Anyone do flights at the home bar? Maybe that might be fun this holiday season! Buy smart flight paddles as a gift here.

Brewery Showcase

When you’re at a restaurant and they have a collection of different breweries represented on tap, a great beer flight pairing can be a selection of four beers from a single brewery. It’s a quick way to taste the latest from a place you may start to like.

Final Tips

Don’t feel obligated to get a full pint glass after your first beer flight. Drinking a collection of beer flights is always a good time. If the place doesn’t have enough beers for unique flights each time, get a flight with two of your favorites craft beers paired with two new ones. Including a favorite with any flight is never a bad idea.

FliteBrite - Smart Beer Flights

Good luck and have fun pairing your next creative beer flight. We hope you’ve enjoyed these fun ways to mix things up on your next flight and we’d love to see you share a photo of your next beer flight on the FliteBrite Instagram channel or @FliteBrite on Twitter with the hashtag #BeerFlight.

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