Cheers!Thank you for serving the future of beer flights!

Let’s connect your smart flights. To get started, grab a fully charged paddle and your laptop. It is easiest to connect one paddle at a time. The entire process only takes a moment for each paddle and should only need to be done once.

STEP 1: Touch the paddle’s touchscreen. From the opening screen, select Setup. From any other screen, press and hold the touchscreen to enter Serve Mode, and then select Setup.


STEP 2: On a computer, go to


STEP 3: Search available Wi-Fi networks and connect to: Photon-xxxx


STEP 4: After connecting to the Photon-xxxx network from your computer, press the SCAN button and select the wi-fi network you want the paddles connected to.


STEP 5: Once a successful connection is made, you’ll see a notification on your computer and the paddle will restart before returning to the opening screen. Hit Connect on the touchscreen to complete setup. The touchscreen will load your beers, with all active beers available in Serve Mode.


STEP 6: Once the paddle is connected, repeat this process for each paddle. Once the entire fleet is connected, please review our User Guide for important product information and tips for optimizing your smart flight experience. Cheers!



Visit, review the User Guide or contact us anytime.