FliteBrite User Guide

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with your smart beer flight paddle and the supporting Online Dashboard. Proper use will ensure a safe and fun experience, while failure to follow product guidelines may result in injury or void your warranty.



Charge each paddle before use. A full charge takes 6 hours to complete and can last up to 48 hours.

To charge a paddle, connect a micro USB cable to the included charging station, then plug the USB cable into the paddle. If your paddle is in Drink Mode, a charge indicator will appear next to the battery meter when you plug in the paddle. Paddles with a completely dead battery will briefly turn on after charging for a few minutes, then turn off automatically. When plugged in, all paddles will go into Sleep Mode after 10 minutes. To maximize battery life, go to Settings in your Online Dashboard and choose your preferred touchscreen brightness level.

Important Safety Note:
If a paddle has been damaged or does not work properly, do not charge the paddle. Contact us for an immediate replacement.



The touchscreen has four primary modes.

Setup Mode: This screen features the full FliteBrite logo and options to Connect or Setup the paddle. This mode only appears when a paddle restarts or turns on after recharging a dead battery. Unless you’re setting up the paddle for the first time, hit Connect to begin normal operation.

Drink Mode: This is the mode for customers to interact with the paddle. The main screen features each item being served, with options to click into each item to learn more, share the flight throughout social media and rate each item.

Serve Mode: This is hidden mode to setup each flight. To access Serve Mode, hold the touchscreen for 5 seconds. Once Serve Mode appears, you’ll have the option to setup a Custom Flight or a Preset Flight. Each option is described below. In addition to these options, Utilities can also be accessed by clicking the gear icon.

Sleep Mode: To maximize battery life, each paddle automatically goes to sleep after not being used for 10 minutes. Tapping the screen will wake the paddle back into Drink Mode. If nothing happens when you click a sleeping touchscreen, the paddle’s battery may need to be recharged.



If your paddle is in Setup Mode, hit Connect to access Drink Mode. To update the flight being served, press and hold the FliteBrite icon in the center of the screen for 5 seconds to access Serve Mode. When Serve Mode is activated, you’ll have the option to setup a Custom Flight or a Preset Flight.

Custom Flights: If categories are enabled, you’ll first decide how to filter the active beer list. You can choose between arranging the beers alphabetically, by style or most popular. Once a filter is selected, you’ll see the screen with all four beers ready to edit. If categories are disabled, you’ll go directly to the screen to edit each item.

To edit beers being served, determine the location where each beer will be placed and click that location. You’ll be presented with all the beers that are active on the beer menu, which is managed in real-time from the Online Dashboard. Repeat this until the screen accurately represents the flight being served, then click Done to confirm the flight.

Confirming the flight by clicking Done reports the exact flight in the Online Dashboard, creates a unique URL dedicated to that flight and automatically brings you back into Drink Mode, with your custom flight ready to serve to the customer.

Preset Flights: Serving a preset flight is fast. Once a preset flight is created in the Online Dashboard, they will be available to select on the paddle. Simply select the preset flight being served to confirm the flight. You’ll automatically be taken back to Drink Mode, at which time the preset flight is ready to serve to the customer.

Important Note:
To ensure accuracy within your analytics and provide correct information on the flights being served (and shared) by customers, it’s important to take the time and always setup each flight correctly.



Utilities can be accessed by selecting the gear icon in Serve Mode. You do not need to access Utilities on a normal basis.

Setup Wi-Fi: This enters Setup Modee. Use this to reconnect the paddle to your Wi-Fi network or to update Wi-Fi configuration.

Connect: This will reconnect the paddle to your Wi-Fi network and to the FliteBrite system. If you update your beer list or change your paddle settings in the Online Dashboard, this will update your paddle with the latest settings.

About: A brief description of the paddle and it’s firmware version.

Update: If a firmware update is available, we will notify you and have you use this button to update paddle. Do not select Update unless FliteBrite has asked you to do so! When Update is selected, your paddle will not operate until an update is sent. If an update has not been coordinated, the paddle will not work until that paddle’s battery dies and is recharged.

Sleep: Sleep Mode is automatically activated after 10 minutes of the paddle not being used, but this will manually put the paddle into Sleep Mode.

Reset: This will restart your paddle and return it to Setup Mode. If your paddle is misbehaving, a reset may help. This will not erase any settings.



The Online Dashboard puts the “smart” into smart flights. Accessible from the web browser on any device connected to the Internet, this responsive platform allows you to manage your entire fleet of paddles in real-time. Access to the Online Dashboard is secured with a customer username and password that is provided by FliteBrite. Once logged in, users have full access to the tools required to manage smart flight paddles.

Dashboard: A snapshot of recent smart beer flight activity.

Beer Menu: Fueled by Untappd, here is where you manage your beer menu. To add a new item, click the ADD BEER button, and then search for any beer to add. Click ADD to see the beer’s pre-loaded details and how they will look on the paddle’s touchscreen. Edit any details, add it to a category if you’d like and then click SAVE to add it to your active menu. Once added to your menu, beers can be activated or deactivated anytime. Only active beers will be available to select within Serve Mode on the paddle.

Categories: Save time by setting up categories, and then connect each beer to a category as the beer menu is managed. This is a key feature for establishments serving 25+ beers on tap.

Preset Flights: These save time. Flights can be quickly created with any active beer on the menu and provide a one-click solution for bartenders.

Paddles: Manage all connected paddles.

Settings: Determine screen brightness and if you’ll allow customers to locally rate the beers in each flight. FliteBrite also fuels a new level of engagement with customers on social media. If sharing is enabled, here you’ll manage tagged posts for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


Visit www.FliteBrite.com/FAQ or contact us.