In the restaurant world, increased efficiency leads to higher profits, big data leads to optimized purchasing habits, and great customer service leads to long-term loyalty. FliteBrite is a small investment that will immediately give restaurants an intelligent edge.

Increased Efficiency

FliteBrite allows your restaurant to increase efficiency by quickly and easily presenting customers with insight about their order, while boosting the overall experience in your restaurant. By educating customers in an interactive way, you’ll improve customer experience and give your restaurant a unique edge that will boost recurring sales. In fact, the most common result is that a favorite taste is purchased in a pint after a flight is enjoyed leading to an educated, repurchasing customer. With the power of FliteBrite, you can build customer awareness that will result in future sales.

Big Data

The hidden value of FliteBrite lives in the data the product allows you to manage. Whether it’s tracking what your customers are including in their flight orders or gathering customer information that can be used for other marketing ideas, accessing your FliteBrite dashboard will give you a valuable edge. FliteBrite tracks the flights you sell and allows you to plug into what your customers love. This gives you a competitive edge that will allow you to optimize your menu and better cater to your audience.

Customer Service

Flights allow people to experience a variety of tastes, without committing to anything right away. It also adds a point of conversation between customers and your serving staff. People like trying new things and learning about what they’re experiencing. FliteBrite opens the door to having more meaningful conversations with customers which will increase customer loyalty. With FliteBrite in your restaurant, you will have everyone talking.